Coffee Bay

Sustainable Coffee BayCoffee Bay is a rural village on the coast of the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The area is extremely beautiful with rolling hills, pristine beaches and traditional Xhosa rondavels that dot the countryside. Despite the beauty of the area, its people are among the poorest in the country and suffer from a lack of opportunities, poor infrastructure, and other social and environmental problems associated with poverty. Continue reading »

About Sustainable Coffee Bay

Sustainable Coffee BaySustainable Coffee Bay is a non-profit association established by Coffee Shack Backpackers to promote sustainable development within the greater Coffee Bay area. The objective is to improve the lives and life-prospects of rural communities who are unable to realise their full potential, or achieve full participation in their environment. Continue reading »

Our projects

Sustainable Coffee BayWe aim to achieve our objectives through sustainable projects and activities within a supportive framework. While we focus mostly on educational projects, other projects aim to empower the whole community or fulfil specific community needs. Each year, despite many challenges, the existing projects are evolving and exciting new ones emerging. Continue reading »

Get involved

Sustainable Coffee BayWe are over the moon over our blog site which will guide you through our existing and new projects. Created especially for our amazing supporters worldwide, so you may follow our progress and of course get involved!

The easiest way to get involved is to offer a donation to any project you want. Continue reading »

Look forward to hearing from you.

The Sustainable Coffee Bay team

5 thoughts on “Home

    • Sustainabilty in that we set up projects, empower local people with skills so that they are able to maintain those projects in the future. Do not give a man a fish, teach him how to fish – that is sustainability. Hope that answers your question. Thank you, Dawn

  1. Thank you for posting such a wonderful page. I appreciate it!

    My name is Angela Voell, and I am a photographer out of the Madison WI area. I am currently working closely with Charlene Quest, (who helped out and visited Coffee Bay, and is very passionate about her experience there) and we are in the process of organizing a fashion show fundraiser in hopes of making donations to your organization, and to those in need in Japan. My question to you is, what are your needs, and what would benefit your program most? All thoughts and ideas are warmly welcomed. Thank you for your precious time:)

    Angela Voell

  2. This is Christine Syamah from Mathesa Professional Services CC, a Service provider send out to assist ILM by NDA in preparing ILM systems for NDA funding. We conducted a full skills audit and business review and gave Dawn (CEO) advice on how to set up appropriate systems for managing the the ILM pre school.

    Congratulations Dawn for implementing our recommendations. Wishing you all the best of luck with your projects.

    Christine Syamah
    Director Mathesa Professional Services
    083 304 0777

  3. Is there any way to directly get in contact with anyone running this page? I did some volunteering in the area in 2010 and in a position to possibly help. I would like to send an email off, but have no Idea where to direct it,

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