Opening Day celebrations


I thought the photo’s could speak for themselves. Big thanks to the volunteers who made the walls so colourful and the lads who made a great start to the vegetable patch, especially Mike and the Marhenene boys who didnt stop digging all day. Thank you too to Dave at the Coffee Shack for feeding all the helpers. The children had a wonderful day and are beaming with their new school which started properly today!  YIPEEEEEE.

Kate x


2 thoughts on “Opening Day celebrations

  1. Hiya Kate!
    Wow! This is just amazing. I remember you talking about coming to Africa to do something positive, and you’ve done it. Good on you. Somehow, I thought you’d end up in The Gambia. But hey, it doesn’t matter where you are, just as long as you’re helping to make the lives of children better, and lighting up their lives with your beautiful and committed self. All i can say is well done and that I’m very very proud of what you’re doing and what you’ve achieved so far. Hope you and your friends can do much much more than this for those who need your support the most. All the best! Sal x

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