2nd Term is going well!

Our 2nd term started on Monday and the children and myself are all very happy to be back at school.  Many hugs have passed between the children and me this week 🙂  We also received our first PROPER pine shelf, which was sponsored by Manoj Tank and his family (he was a guest at Coffee Shack Backpackers last month) and we are very chuffed – THANK YOU Manoj!!!  A photo will follow shortly, as our camera lady, Kate ,has gone up to Durban for 10 days.

Nice shelf - Thank you Manoj!

"Make a train".

Yesterday we all went off to Coffee Bay JS school (in a beautiful single line), as we saw the mobile clinic vans pull up. Our brave little children got vaccinated against measles and polio, as well as a de-worming and a Vitamin A pill – now we can all grow into healthy, strong children.  Our theme at school this term is Africa and we are all very excited about it!

Will up-load some pics for you guys soon!  Dawn


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