Recycling reunion.

I’m back!!!! Ok, just to remind you and re-introduce myself, I am Kate. Self titled ‘Dawn’s magic illusive side kick’.

I was away for 3 months altogether, back in the UK getting my own funds, (and visa) together so I can be back for the foreseeable future, but also did a little fundraising for the school. R8,000 toward carrying on where I left off. Thank you to all those that made our London Bizarre night of Moroccan and jazz bands, party games and dressing up such a wonderful event! The other half of money raised went to S.A.L.V.E International, a grass roots charity in Uganda supporting street children in Jinja. Love and best wishes to Imogen for your project there, from all in Coffee Bay. x

Ecstatic to be back in Coffee Bay and back to the school.  I could seee the children have come on in leaps and bounds as they couldn’t wait to tell me the colours I was wearing and what letters were in my name. We ate yogurt for breakfast, then decorated the pots and planted seeds in them, to begin our growing season together.

Esona, Siya, Nopesnuka, Lihle and Kyan washing out the yogurt pots.

Seth, Sonwabise, Ndindi and Tobelani turning yogurt pots into flower pots.

Nasturium, Marigold, Thyme and Linseed and feathers.

Apart from some spinach, holey cabbages, beetroot, little carrots and spring onions the rest of the garden is in need of loving care, after a harsh windy and rainless Transkei winter. But the tomatoes! I have never come across such hearty, formidable tomatoes! How did they survive? They are still producing at an alarming rate and I have already eaten them for lunch and dinner the last few days of being back.. The best news that made me smile from ear to ear was that the children have been eating something from the garden everyday since July 17th! So a big pat on the back to all those that contributed in the beginning and kept it all alive while I was gone. THANK YOU & SUCCESS!

We succeeded with a small yield, but the rewards are immeasurable. But now with the experience, already made beds and Soil Ph testing kits ( thank you the Harding family from Court Lodge farm for that) we are ready to make this years yield as yummy and varied as can be.

Also spent some time with the three boys Lukholo, Mbulelo and Thobile.  I cannot believe in 3 months how improved their English has become. They are growing into such polite and confident young men. Mbuelelo and I made wallets out of recycled milk cartons yesterday. (Toby was surfing…again!) He skipped down the road to show the others and I believe was last seen raiding the Coffee Shack kitchen for more cartons! We are all working in the garden tomorrow, preparing beds and building compost bins, with a promise of a lift home in our newest and popular member to the Coffee Bay Sustainable team. “The Wheelbarrow”.

"The Wheelbarrow" and Jimmy. (Jimmy's on the left.)

Mbulelo with his recycled long life wallet.

So yes things are progressing along sweetly and thank you for your support. We will have lots more mud fun and Transkei magic to share with you very soon.

Love and veggies,

Kate x


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