Kate’s catch-up

Been back a month now and wow, the summer rains are upon us, everything glowing green with new lushious life and a wonderful energy of productivity is encircling us all in Coffee Bay. Helped unquestionably by the determined Dutch duo, Bruun and Jacob www.stichtingobonto.nl whom I’m sure Dawn has introduced already.  Thank you both for blessing us with your experience and kindness, and leaving us with a lot of exciting work to do. X

New great friends…Dawn, Jacob and Bruun

Planting power

The children and I have been planting a brilliant array of seeds to spice up our future lunchtimes. Water melons, dill, jalapenos and pumpkin galore, just to name a few. Thank you so much to Joette for our buckets of assorted seeds! And to Magic tyres,  top of the concrete hill, Coffee Bay, for our playground beginnings and potato towers.

I had to laugh on Wednesday. Esona the little boy that has to walk 4 kms to school stayed behind, I imagine to psyche himself up for his journey home. Armed with our little green watering can, he gets to work watering the seeds. Well, so I thought. He was watering all the very established weeds at the sides of the plant beds, because why water something you cannot see? My teaching days have just begun. However, I can assure you, our flowers and herbs that have sprouted in the front garden are getting the children’s thorough and gentle attention.

Our recycling team and wallet production is going very well too, with 8 young boys collecting litter and partaking in the workshop at Jah Drums on Saturday.  All helped one another, with the learned boys helping the new, the wallets are looking brilliant and the bins in Coffee Bay less full up.

Rubbish collecting crew

Shortly to be on the international markets, but for now only available in Coffee Bay. So yet another reason to come visit and say hello and see what we are getting up to.  And of course, if you can’t make it to Coffee Bay just yet then we promise our blog will keep you informed with all the creations and giggles.

So see you soon.

Big smiles,

Kate xxxx

Smiles from Sonwabise, Esona and Ndindi


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