Coffee Bay Community Playground Fundraiser

Although Coffee Bay is a rural place, there are still cars, taxi’s and trucks that use our roads daily.  As the December holidays descended on us, so the traffic increased.  During this period, I twice observed one of our little local children (aged 3) nearly being knocked over, as the driver could not see the child in the mirror.  There and then I decided to do a fundraiser to raise money to build the children a playground, so that they did not have to play in the street.

“Why must the children play in the streets?” – Bob Sinclair

Kate and I put our heads together that night, and before midnight a plan was in place.  On Monday 13 December 2010, we hosted a “Cheese & Wine” fundraiser at Papazelas Pizza in Coffee Bay.  We sold tickets for R70 each and received cash donations from Frans, Coram Deo and some of the Zitulele doctors – thank you very much! We had great support and a wonderful, fun evening was had by all.  We boasted tasty  cheese, fresh crackers, nice wine, the super Coffee Bay drummers, the Masilunge Inkciyo traditional dance group and lots of children and adults from local community. Dancing and fun was the theme of the night!

Playground fundraiser at Papazelas Pizza

Thanks to Dr Ettienne Raubenheimer, our Auctioneer for the night, who auctioned off Tuppy Trow’s Sparkling Wine for us and a drum donated by Jah Drums.  (Thanks Jan from Kaleidoscope for buying the drum).  After a super night was had by all and all dues had been paid, we are pleased to say that we raised R3300.00 for our community playground.  We are now looking for some skilled labour to complete our project.  If there is anyone out there who knows how to build jungle gyms and swings, please contact us.

Cheese and Wine flowed as the sun started setting

The Coffee Bay Drummers in action

Nomonde wearing traditional Xhosa beadwork

A Masilunge traditional dance member dancing with the youth

Dancing is fun

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Community playground fundraiser!

Dawn and Kate 🙂


One thought on “Coffee Bay Community Playground Fundraiser

  1. Hey you guys, you’re really doing a wonderful thing for the future of the Coffee bay Community. Congratulations and may you continue to grow!! God Bless you and thank you for your love and care.

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