Community Basket Drop off


School was out, reports were done and the community bags were waiting for me!

Norma Jeffrey from Mossel Bay and Dennis & Nena from Johannesburg also dropped off  big bags of clothing for the community basket – Thank you very much guys! After all the sorting was done, we were ready to head off into the lalli’s.

On Thursday 9 December 2010 we headed off to Mathokazini, which is about 7km north of Coffee Bay, with our 130 boxes of donated clothing.  The drop-off team was myself, Luleka and Nompumelelo, (two of the Coffee Shack staff who had just qualified at the South African College of Tourism), Lukholo and Mbulelo, Grant (a Coffee Shack guest), Claire, our photographer from the UK and Klause, our faithful driver.  We drove to the furtherest point, parked the vehicle  and walked to the huts that were situated far off the road.  When we found the mama of that homestead, one of our team would explain to the mama that these clothes come from the backpackers that they see (the mlungus with the packs on their backs) and that  the children from the area should welcome and speak to the backpackers, but  not ask them for money………or sweets or harass the visitors.  The mamas understand the message and if their children are around at the time, they explain it to the children.  They give us big smiles and many thanks and ululate all the way back to their huts.

By the time we were half-way back through Mathokazini, there were groups of mamas sitting at various spots, waiting for the vehicle.  Bush radio is something that still works very well in our area J  This made it easier for us, as we could give the message to a large group at one time.

It was a wonderful afternoon enjoyed by all on the drop-off team.  As you can see from the photos, the Mathokazini community was also really happy for our visit.

Mama in Mathokazini village with a Community Box

Mamas from Mathokazini with their Community Boxes

Mathokazini mamas listening to the Tourism message

Community Basket drop off at Mathokazini - Dec 2010

Happy folks at Mathokazini!

Nompumelelo giving the tourist talk to a mama in Mathokazini

The same mama as above, once she opened her Community box!

To everyone who has dropped clothes in the Coffee Shack Community Basket, a MASSIVE thank you!  As you can see, it goes a long way and brings smiles and some tourism education to our rural communities and for this we are very thankful!

Happy days!



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