Ikhaya Labantwana; our first weeks back

Hula hoop hugs.

Molo to all of our brilliant and devoted friends, and, thank you every day for your consistent best wishes and wisdom. While Dawn is busy with absolutely everything else you read on our blog,,( and much more!), I thought I would share in some more of her and the children’s magic back at our little school on the hill;

Our beautiful school        

It has definitely been a happy New Year for our first two weeks back. We have five new bright and busy brains that have joined us, and already learning from the others the joys of brushing teeth, learning colours and numbers, and waving hands to the days of the week song. Beaming with new discoveries and friends, all of the children are over the moon to be back, and of course to be reunited with their beloved Dawn. Here’s some piccies which say it all. x

The mouthwash train

Nopesnuka testing out the tyre swing.



Our garden is feeding the children butternut squash, chiilis, ( a favourite of the children to pick, but certainly not to eat!) and tomatoes at an alarming rate, with the spinach, cabbages, carrots, beetroot and mielies (sweetcorn) all catching up nicely in the hot sun and welcome rainstorms. Unfortunatly the cows, the biggest and hungriest of the garden pests, weren’t fooled by our one-legged scarecrow and our maize and spinach got munched over the holidays.  Thank you to the local boys, (The Saturday Green Team) Lukholo, Tsephe, Luntu and Bernard for helping me replant, water, and constructing our pirate playground beginnings. The children finally have something to climb on and jump off. 

Bernard and Lukholo planting spinach and beetroot

Pirate party for our anniversery next week, 15th February, don’t forget! I’ll be back to share in the happy faces and birthday celebrations. Lots and lots of love and smiles for now from us all,

Kate x

Ndindi and Nopesnuka giggling like crazy behind their lion masks.

Asafika and his one eyed yellow mask


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