Coffee Bay has a community playground!

A Transkei see-saw.

The newest creation to finally brighten our cheery village is “Coffee Bay’s community playground”. Enkosi Kakhulu to all involved in making this a reality, especially to our three engineers; Ettiene, Julie and Steve for your kind hearts and muscle bound ingenuity.

- Etienne, Steve and Julie our building bunch , and Snooks on the see-saw

Asafeka calling his dad from his new playground..

Asafika calling his dad from his new playground

Lukholo standing on the future swing

"I now declare the playground open"

Not sure if we mentioned it but we have been planning this since end of last year, and hosted a great community party and fundraising evening at Papazelas in the village on 13th December. Many of our friends came to share in the evening and got stuck into the cheese and wine feast, and music and dancing extravaganza. Thank you to the Coffee Bay drummers, Masilunge Inciyo womens dancing group, Nomonde and Ryno for your brilliant music and local businesses Jah Drums, Kaliedascope, Coffee Shack, Corma Deo and Afritude and all of our friends for your donations and helping us to reach our target of R4,000. With the land next to Bomvu store donated by Chief Mhlabinzima, (enkosi kakhulu) we were hoping that some innovative builders might turn up.

Headman Mischek giving thanks to our supporters and blessings from the community. Drum rolls by Josh and Asafika!

And sure enough our angels with muscle power got in touch in the form of ‘Ettiene the strong’ and ‘Julie the creative’. Armed with plans, budgets, materials, will power, an alarm clock and a new recruit; traveller and action man, Steve, all hands on spades and drills, pure slog and sweat, the playground was born and a wave of excited children without delay tested it to its utmost. Success and smiles a plenty.

So to the three of you once again, thank you, thank you, thank you a thousand times from all of us in Coffee Bay. Best wishes and safe journey for your trip to Latin America and know that because of you there are smiles on many childrens faces every single day ( and maybe a bumped head or 2) because of you. xxx

Coming soon to a build a playground near you!