Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori – May/June 2011

Charlene Quest, a friend of S.C.B’s did a fundraiser for us in Madison, in the USA in May 2011. It was a night of make-up, hair and fashion – to make some dollars for the Coffee Bay community.  Charlene and Angela went all out and produced a memorable night…check out www.studioquest.biz/2011FS.hrm

Studio Quest produced the likes of this!!  All photography was done by www.greenpaintphotography.com

Studio Quest fundraiser

A very successful night – thank you to all!

When Charlene asked me what we needed for ILM, I requested raincoats for all the children, as last year Charlene brought all the children gumboots  When she arrived in Coffee Bay later in the year, she brought the raincoats.

Charlene and the children

Sonwabise and Esona in their new red rain coats





Nopesnukha and Josh

May also saw us receiving some boxes from Sam Streak at Port Elizabeth Montessori www.pemontessori.co.za …oh my goodness, what amazing boxes to receive……and how exciting top open boxes full off valuable, proper Montessori materials…..covering areas from Sensorial to Culture…big WOW!!!

Those boxes enriched  Ikhaya Labantwana’s  indoor environment so much – I cannot even explain!

Sonwabise doing the Spindles


Nopesnukha doing a finger strengthening activity

Then Jalian Johnston and Corey came to visit ILM.  Jalian was from ‘Waves for Water’ and very kindly donated us a water filter which was sponsored by Hurley. They showed us how to set it up and our children have been drinking clean water ever since.  Thank you so much to Hurley and Waves for Water.   Check out www.hurley.com/blog/blog.cfm/aid/45188

Our veggie garden was doing super well and the children were eating very healthy lunches daily from “igardi labantwana” (garden of the children) and everyone was in really good health.

Thank you Kate for our lovely garden!

Sylvain and Valerie Barbot came to spend a fun day with us at school and they made a little recording of the day at  http://www.green-trotter.fr/lecole-montessori-de-coffee-bay.html


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