Thank you and cheers to 2011 at Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori

As the year started drawing to an end, we got ready to say farewell to some of our children. They were progressing onto new pastures, sad for us to lose them, but great for their next phase of development 🙂  We ended our school year with the children and their mama’s joining us for a sausage and salad lunch. The children were happy and there were holidays up ahead.  Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori would like to thank all the visitors that came to see us at school during 2011, we really enjoyed it!  Thank you also very much to the very kind donors  who leave money at Coffee Shack or who do deposits into our account – and a very special thank you to all the Coffee Shack guests who played in my Sunday night quizzes – you guys rock!  We are where we are today because of all your support – thank you, we really appreciate it!!  Happy days  – see you in 2012!

Esona just being

Shanaaz & Ndindi - 3 legged running - co-ords!!!!

1 Happy Nopesnukha - off to big school

Shanaaz (standing) and Shannon

Josh in mid-air - YEA YAA!

Siya, the Hula Hoop star!


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