Community Playground

Sustainable Coffee BayAlthough Coffee Bay is a rural place, there are still cars, taxi’s and trucks that use our roads daily.  As the December holidays descends on us, so the traffic increases.  During this period,  children as young as 3 were running the risk of being knocked over as drivers struggle to see little kids in their mirrors. We decided that there needs to be a children’s playground so that they did not have to play in the street.

After a “Cheese and Wine” auction fundraiser in December 2010, we raised R3300.00 for our community playground.  With donations we reached out target of R4000. We then began looking for some skilled labour to complete our project and put the word out for anyone who could build jungle gyms and swings to contact us.

And sure enough our angels with muscle power got in touch in the form of ‘Ettiene the strong’ and ‘Julie the creative’. Armed with plans, budgets, materials, will power, an alarm clock and a new recruit; traveller and action man, Steve, all hands on spades and drills, pure slog and sweat, the playground was born and a wave of excited children without delay tested it to its utmost. Success and smiles a plenty.

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