The following projects and their achievements to date have all been funded entirely through individual donations and sponsorship. In order to secure the continuation of these projects further funding is sought to sustain and progress these achievements.

Project: Community Basket

  • Need: Living in poverty
  • Achievements: annual deliveries including clothes, shoes, educational items (pens/pencils etc.), toiletries and blankets.

Project: Community Playground

  • Need: Recreational area for children
  • Achievements: community playground with jungle gyms constructed in March 2011

Project: Marhenene Boys

  • Need: Orphan households
  • Achievements: Three boys are now receiving regular social grants as well as being mentored by Sustainable Coffee Bay in life skills, Saturday school and new experiences e.g. surfing and photography.

Project: School Furniture & Support Fund

  • Need: Education facilities
  • Achievements: Pato Junior Secondary School has been assisted with its electricity application and fully furnished so that scholars can learn in an appropriate environment. Madakeni Junior Secondary School have been supplied and fitted with burglar bars for their computer classroom. Coffee Bay Junior Secondary School and Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori Early Learning Centre have both been furnished with desks and chairs.

Project: Scholarship Fund

  • Need: Senior education
  • Achievements: Twenty six children from the area have received sponsorship to complete their secondary school grades 10 – 12, and one university student who is performing fairly well.

Project: Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori Early Learning Centre

  • Need: Pre-school education and vegetable garden
  • Achievements:The first pre-school in the area opened in February 2010 with 12 young children. We grew to accommodate a maximum of 15 and now have over 60 young ones on the waiting list. The vegetable garden sustained us with fresh vegetables for lunch for many months.

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