About us

Sustainable Coffee Bay began life with the Coffee Shack Backpackers; a traveller’s hostel operating in the area for over ten years. Owners, David and Belinda Malherbe identified basic needs of the local community and with humble beginnings involving visitors and tourists to the area, Sustainable Coffee Bay has progressed its activities. Coffee Shack is encouraged by the fact that each year, despite many challenges, the existing projects are evolving and exciting new ones emerging.

Education is one of the chief objectives of Sustainable Coffee Bay. However the organisation aims to empower the whole community, encourage self determination and self worth throughout and thus sustainability for the future. We always ensure that the local community are fully informed and consulted on any activities undertaken to ensure support and fulfilment.

Sustainable Coffee Bay works within Ward 23 of the King Sabata Dalindyebo (KSD) district, O. R Tambo municipality in the Eastern Cape; one of the poorest provinces in South Africa.We collaborate closely with the local community and also work with existing government, community and business structures such as the Department for Social Development, Department of Education, Department of Health, the Tribal Authorities, Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority (ETDP-SETA) and Media Works.

Mission & vision

The mission of Sustainable Coffee Bay is to improve the lives and life-prospects of rural communities who are unable to realise their full potential, or achieve full participation within their environment.

Our vision is a motivated and cohesive rural community with learning opportunities to take control of their socio-economic development and future.

This will be achieved through promoting sustainable projects and activities within a supportive framework, where moral, cultural and environmental awareness can be encouraged and developed: instrumental in the wellbeing and bright future of Coffee Bay and its community.

NPO details

NPO registration number: 090-432-NPO

Sustainable Coffee Bay’s official members are:

  1. David Malherbe – Director
  2. Dawn Brochenin – Director
  3. Belinda Malherbe – Managament Committee Member
  4. Nomonde Majongozi – Management Committee Member
  5. Neil Whittal – Management Committee Member
  6. Noncokazi (Nancy) Simoyi – Management Committee Member

Meet the team

Sustainable Coffee Bay

Dave & Belinda in a rare idle moment

Dave & Belinda Malherbe

Dave and Belinda are the owners of Coffee Shack Backpackers and the backbone of the Sustainable Coffee Bay team.

Since 2000, through employment, creating opportunities, patience and damn hard work, Dave and Bels have changed the face of the Coffee Bay community.

Dawn Brochenin

Sustainable Coffee Bay

Dawn & Timo “The babies on the bus are fast asleep”

The only way to explain Dawn is as a one women phenomenon and if Dave and Bels are the backbone then she is most certainly the heart. Involved with Coffee Bay and the community now for 9 years, she continues to change peoples lives through her understanding, strength and compassion. Her achievements are too numerous to mention now, but watch this space, as now a fully qualified Montessori Directess her next venture is bringing Montessori education to the rural children of Coffee Bay on a big scale!

Nomonde Majongozi

Nomonde looking lovely

Nomonde has been living in the Coffee Bay area her whole life. She was the chef at Coffee Shack Backpackers for 5 years and then became a partner at Papazela’s Pizza in Coffee Bay. Nomonde has a basket full of skills from cooking, sewing, crocheting, knitting to braiding hair. Nomonde is a very progressive woman and a dynamic link with the local community.

Nokhaya Simoyi

Nokhaya, otherwise known as ‘Nancy’

Nokhaya Nancy “Inthaka” has been working at Coffee Shack Backpackers since they opened in 2000. She is the mother of 5 children and the breadwinner in her family. Her nickname “Inthaka” (bird) was affectionately given to her, as she very seldom works without singing. We are trying to assist Nokhaya to open her own laundry in Coffee Bay.

Kate Gething-Lewis

Kate & Ndindi in ILM’s garden

Kate, or ‘Mtane ntlanzi’ as she is fondly known, is the creative energy of Sustainable Coffee Bay. She spent time in Coffee Bay in 2002 and then went off to Swansea univeristy to study Anthropology. After getting her degree, she spent 3 years doing permaculture farming in Wales – while living in a straw bale house with no electricity! Kate is the energetic artist with farming skills who will be assisting us with farming and veggie gardens in the area, as well as beautifying our buildings.

Neil Whittal Neil has been living in Coffee Bay for the most part of the last 6 years. His main role is the surf instructor at Coffee Shack, so he spends a large amount of time in the ocean and at the beach. Neil feels strongly about protecting the environment and especially the sand dunes with Milkwoods at Coffee Bay beach.

6 thoughts on “About us

  1. Dear Belinda and Dave Malherbe

    Hello there my name is Amber Warnat, and I am a Canadian that is moving to Cape Town to work on my Masters Degree. I have been to Coffee Bay twice and it is my favorite place in the whole world! I am desperate to help find ways for it to develop in positive and sustainable ways. I have a plan that I am hoping to implement it, but I am looking for some help.

    I am friends with Meg Orton and Zan Lang, and they had suggested speaking with you because they love the work you are already doing! I have looked at your website and you really are doing some fabulous stuff. Thank you for that and please keep up all your hard work!

    So this is my plan. I am hoping to set up a SMALL micro finance project to help people like Nokhaya. I am friends with members of the Rotary Club here and I am attempting to set up a presentation for them to see if we can get some financing. (I am also hoping to branch out to other Rotary Clubs in Cape Town once I am there.) But I need to find help in Coffee bay before I can present this, otherwise the project will not work. The idea would be community focused. The profit would simply be used to keep the project running, and hopefully help it grow so more funds could be distributed. The problem for me is I have this idea, but I do not have the connections in the community. This is where I would need help.

    There are a few safeguards that have been proven effective in terms of loan payback. First, women tend to pay back the loans more often, but men’s businesses tend to be more successful. Therefore, we would need to find a balance between these two. Also if the money is actually given to the community, and then the whole community is held responsible, the loan payback tends to be higher, because of the pressure put on the individuals by the community. This would be particularly important at the beginning because we would have very limited funds to start. I am hoping you might have the connections to get this started. Furthermore, I am hoping you might be able to judge whether a certain members who apply for the funds are reputable, because you know the community so well.

    Also I would need help distributing and collecting the funds, as I will not be able to be there on a daily basis to keep an eye on things. I will be back and forth from CT but I cannot be there everyday. I would also need help collecting the small business plans that would be submitted to Rotary by the people requesting loans. This is another area I thought you might be particularly helpful. Again because you know the community they might feel comfortable approaching you for help if they have trouble reading and writing. They would feel safer with you. I know Meg might also be helpful with this due to her Honors Degree in English, and she is moving back to CB this week.

    The reason I have chosen a micro finance project is it helps to promote responsibility, self-esteem, and self-reliance as opposed to aid and the problems that follow it. It will also help to put some controls on how things develop. This is another area where I feel local involvement is vital. You are there day to day to see how the culture and environment are being negatively affected. If you were involved in this then you would be able to help mold rules for certain loans so development happens responsibly. This is VERY important.

    My goal is to find a ways to be productive in Coffee Bay so future generations, and myself, can continue to enjoy this VERY SPECIAL PLACE! I do not want to feel guilty for visiting CB because I am contributing to its degradation. I want to be able to visit it for the rest of my life and feel at peace with that. I am hoping that this small project might in some way aid in this process. Is there any way you might be interested in helping with this project? I truly hope so!

    I am leaving for SA Nov 22nd and I hope to be in Coffee Bay in December. Therefore there is a bit of urgency in terms of preparing this project, and then the presentation. I know you have limited Internet access in Coffee Bay and I apologize now for any time pressure I put on you. I really do! I am sorry, I only came up with this idea in the past couple of weeks, so there is pressure on me here as well. Just know that I am dedicated to it and hope you might be as well ☺ Therefore due to the time constraints I do need to know what you think as soon as possible. Then I can present it and start convincing as many people as I can to fund the project. Once I have left Canada I will not have that opportunity for years to come. The more people I touch now the more likely it will be for us to get the maximum amount of funding ☺

    Kind Regards
    Amber Warnat

    PS When you send me the email back I will attach my resume so you can see my background as well.

  2. This is so fantastic guys,its been a walking stick for coffee bay dwellers including myself. all the best fo r the future, you must test the limit.
    lili (II)

  3. So inspiring to read of all these creative projects! Dave, Belinda and co, keep up the good work!
    Nick Krone

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